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Packaging Tips

Packaging Tips only accepts properly prepared and packed parcels. Contents of the parcel must be cushioned using bubble wrap, foam peanuts, air pillows, corrugated inserts, crumpled paper or foam wrap and boxed. Each item you send, depending on its size, must be boxed (envelope, Jiffy or special courier package). Non-packed items will not be collected. It is very important that you pack your item securely and sufficiently to prevent it from getting damaged while it is on its way. If this should happen, you would not be able to apply for compensation. Please read the following carefully. Once you have packed your parcel, you can weight and measure it and order delivery.

Box Strength

Use a strong box that’s capable of supporting the weight of your items. We recommend using a double lined box for any items over 10 kg in weight.

Internal Packaging

Wrap each item individually
Use at least 7cm of internal cushioning (such as polystyrene peanuts) before placing your items inside the box.
Each items should be placed near the centre of the box, and not be touching each other, or the external walls of the box.
Once your items are inside, fill the whole box with packaging material, there should be no movements at all inside the box.

The DONT’s

Do not use bags made of fabric or cloth.
Do not over seal your package. All shipments can be opened by customs authorities for inspection.
Do not use cellophane tape or rope to seal your shipment.
Do not consider “Fragile” and “Handle with care” labels as a substitute for careful packaging. They are only appropriate for information purposes.
Do not include any information indicating high value of contents on the address label or outer package.
Do not exceed the weight specification of the shipment container.
Do not use damaged containers.
Do not attach multiple parcels together. All consignments will have each individual box or parcel declared on the Booking in order that the correct price and service can be provided to the customer. Under no circumstances should multiple boxes be attached together and sent as one parcel.

Package Weight & Size

Our prices are based on both size and weight of each package, so it’s important you enter accurate details. We can only collect package which are measured accurately.
What You Can Send. Max-Parcel Weight -40kg Max- Parcel Length -100 cm, Max -Parcel Girth -300 cm Girth=Length +(Width ×2) +(Height ×2)
Each parcel should be within the following dimension limits: (length plus two times width plus two times height should be less than 300 cm or 3 m all together). The length measurement should be the longest side of the package.