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Import Parcel Delivery


GoParcel provides reliable cost effective import parcel services from 200 countries worldwide to any address in Ireland. Whether you need to import goods, parcels, suitcases from Australia, Mainland Europe or US to Ireland - We can handle the shipment for you, We provides door to door economy or express collection services directly from any factory, warehouse, office or even your home, no matter your requirements, we have the best options to suit your needs. All your shipment will be deliver at the cheapest courier rates available by the best international carriers with full online tracking tools to monitor the progress of your shipment every step of the way.


We can import parcels or luggage from any country worldwide and deliver express door to door across all counties in Ireland. With our worldwide courier services you can import a package from USA or China a whole lot easier.


We offer cost effective door to door economy import package delivery service from 200 countries worldwide to Ireland. This enables us to prioritise the premium import service when shipping space is at a premium, delivery can be done by meeting up all service obligations.


Collections and delivery are done Monday – Friday. between 9am-6pm.( excluding Bank Holidays)


Labels will be generated as part of our booking process prior to package collection and send to your email, you will print off the labels and affix one label to each package.


Parcel import services from outside the EU is not the same as sending parcels or bag within European Union. Additional paperwork are required if parcels or bag are import into the EU from other countries. You will need to complete a customs declaration form called customs invoice. The customs invoice show authorities in the destination country the contents of your package and why you are sending it. GoParcel will generate the custom invoice for you, you will print off the invoice and affix one to each parcel or bag before collection. If you are new at using international import delivery services? Do not worry if you are not sure of how to fill out Customs invoices, just contact our friendly Support team, you will instantly get additional information on how to fill out documents correctly in order to avoid delay by Customs.


With GoParcel you can track every package from door to door to the final delivery point. To use our tracking tools, simply enter your shipment reference number into our tracking page to see the status of your shipment.


Our 24/7 dispatch facility helps your operation team with any question they may have.


Your parcel is already protected up to the value of €50.00. You can take additional protection for your parcel up to the value of €1,000.